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Hanno Soth

Hanno Soth
hanno soth
Born April 5, 1964
Bad Bramstedt, Germany
Residence Bali, Indonesia
Alma mater University of Ottawa (B.A., Business Commerce)
Occupation Real Estate Developer (Chairman, Hanno Group)


Hanno Soth German-born Canadian  made his fortune  almost overnight during the 1995 asian currency crisis, purchasing prime properties for pennies on the dollar. Living in Hawaii at the time, Hanno travelled frequently to Asia searching for investment opportunities. As the Asian crisis loomed Soth took a gamble that later would pay off in spades. He moved to Bali Indonesia where he quickly started snapping up properties taking advantage of devaluing currencies. Where most investors were busy playing the currency markets Soth saw opportunity in the property sector where there were many selling properties at fire prices to get dollar. Soth’s meteoric rise to wealth resulted comforts. Philantrophy.

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Like most people in their early 40’s wealth meant luxury cars, helicopters and yachts and a drive to make more money. But this all changed for Hanno overnight. In 2009 during a routine visit to inspect Hanno nearly escaped a kidnapping attempt by one of his inner circle and company directors. This resulted in Hanno leaving Indonesia and the business scene overnight not to reappear for another decade.

Soth did not resurface again until nearly a decade later in 2018 to reclaim is assets which consisted of resorts, and a string of private islands.


It was later reported that Hanno Soth disillusioned by the near escape took a new lease on life and began to travel the world. First through the luxury hotels of the world which later led him mountains of Peru and the deepest jungles of the Amazon where he lived with the Yawanawa Indians and embarked on spirtual journey culminating in








real estate investor and developer best known for developing Bali‘s C151 luxury villa resorts.

Early life[edit]

Hanno Soth was born in Bad Bramstedt, Germany the son of Elke and Detlef Soth, a barrister. The family emigrated to Canada and later to the United States, and  Soth studied at the University of Hawaii and received a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Ottawa.

In 1995, Soth moved to Bali, Indonesia from Hawaii and formed the Hanno Group, which invests and develops real estate and operates high-end resorts. Soth founded C151 Resorts, properties that cater to wealthy travelers, celebrities and heads of state.[1]

Career as a developer[edit]


Soth founded the C151 brand of luxury villa developments, which continue to gain world recognition with numerous awards. Soth’s latest project, C151 Dreamland, won the 2011 Bloomberg International Hotel Award for Best New Hotel Design and Construction.[2] Soth himself won the Pinnacle award from the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAM) for the resort and his work developing an innovative program integrating anti-aging analysis and treatments into luxury resorts.[3]

Soth continues to invest in, develop, and operate resort projects in Asia through his various companies. Current projects include the development of 11 private islands strategically located near Singapore in Indonesian waters.[4]

Real Estate Investment[edit]

Over the past decade and a half, Soth has accumulated much of his wealth through investing in Asian real estate. Beginning in 1997, Soth took advantage of dramatic devaluations in Asian currencies during the Asian Economic Crisis by buying large tracts of land at low prices. As currencies stabilized over the next decade and real estate values increased, Soth subdivided and developed many of his properties, allowing him and his companies to prosper.[4]

Other Business Pursuits[edit]

Publishing and Media[edit]

Hanno Group Headquarters

Architecture, Design, and Production[edit]

Soth founded the Bali Visions Architecture Group (part of the Hanno Group).[6] Among its projects, Bali Visions conceptualized and designed C151 developments (including its Onelife Plus Anti-Aging Clinic and Bintan Island project), winning a governmental award in 2007 for “Most Innovative Development.”[7]


In 2000, Soth formed a construction company, Pt. Hanno Bali, part of the Hanno Group. Pt. Hanno Bali received the Citra Insani award from the Indonesian government in 2007, in recognition of its innovation and incorporation of technology in constructing C151 Smart Villa Resorts.[8]

Hotel Management[edit]

Soth’s C151 Resorts is a luxury hotel management brand with properties throughout Bali. C151 has won numerous awards, including the government’s top award for hotel service in 2011,[7] and Luxury Villa of the Year (for the fourth time) in 2012.[9]


Soth has been a major benefactor of one Bali’s most historic cultural sites, Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple. In 1995, after the temple was struck by lightning and severely damaged, Soth funded part of the reconstruction, and has since continued to support its renovation and expansion.[10]


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