Mafia Infiltrated Court sends “Crazy” execution letter to Pt Dreamland Bali

Arthur Wells Aug 23 · 4 min read

The Bali Land Mafia headed by Ketut “Tomy” Sudikerta currently incarcerated in Bali prison, is alleged to have infiltrated the court of Denpasar which an execution letter order today against the assets of Pt Dreamland Bali, who was not a party of any legal case.

This all is happening since Sudikerta’s syndicate secured IDR 80 Billion ($ 5.6 Million) from Chinese Investors to buy C151 Dreamland Bali on the promise that the Sudikerta’s syndicate could deliver the buildings owned by Pt. Dreamland Bali. This was done secretly without the knowledge of Pt Dreamland Bali while Tomy Sudikerta is prison.

Pt. Dreamland Bali according to the company lawyer, MunArief told reports that Pt Dreamland received a letter today stating that on August 29, 2019 the court would execute against the buildings owned by Pt Dreamland Bali. The problem is that the execution does not mention Pt. Dreamland Bali, since the company was not involved in any court proceedings resulting in execution.

“This is insane” says Jansen Purba a lawyer for Pt Dreamland Bali , who has a case running to stop the unlawful execution. Pt Dreamland Bali has never been a party to a lawsuit, nor mention in the execution letter sent to the company today. It is impossible for the court to execute. This is how much IDR 80 Billion can bend the rule law and justice” said lawyer Jansen Purba.

“It is like me suing my neighbor A and then asking the court to execute the assets of another neighbor B said Jansen. On August 29 the court wants to execute the assets of neighbor B with an execution order addressed and against neighbor A. It is so crazy I am ashamed to be a lawyer in Republic of Indonesia” said Purba.

This entire case was an inside job by the former Pt Dreamland Bali Director I Wayan Tana and his brother-in-law Ketut Sudikerta and the land owner that sold the land to PT Dreamland Bali Anak Agung Ngurah Agung. Both Sudikerata and Anak Agung are sitting in jail on a simliar case of embezzlement, money laundering and fraud. Also implicated in that case is I Wayan Tana. Yet despite these EXTRAORDINARY circumstances, the court to rush to execute against Pt Dreamland Bali’s assets.

The facts in this case cry out for justice and quick punishment of Tana, Sudikerta and Agung who lawyers say colluded to defraud the court with a fictitious insider lawsuit. But instead of the court moving to dismiss the fraudulent case, it appears the court instead has doubled down, supporting the land mafia in issuing the execution letter against Pt Dreamland Bali who stands to loose IDR 300 Billion in investment.

“What is the rush for the court to try to execute against the victim Pt Dreamland Bali”? asks MunArief. Indonesia law requires all parties to be heard before any execution can be made. But in this case the court chose to ignore due process of Pt Dreamland Bali not a party to the suit orchestrated by the conspirators.

“It is outrageous what is happening here” say Pt Dreamland Bali spokesman. The Sudikerta “Mafia is showing the world how corrupt the Indonesian justice system can become. Just follow the money.”

Who would pay 80 Billion Rupiah for someone else’s assets cash upfront unless the “the fix is in” says Purba.

“Hedar Giacomo Boy Syam (aka Jonathan Giacomo) and his Chinese Investor in PT. Manor Tirta Puncak (GE QI, Gong Wei, Wuin Feng Pei, Yi Zhi,) must know something about the pending Supreme Court of decision”. says Jansen. Hedar recently told police investigators that he had purchased the Pt Dreamland Bali buildings and wanted to operate them ASAP. This is very strange since the buildings and all operational permits belong to Pt Dreamland Bali. Also that certificate should still be with the Notary. According to investigators the Notary handling the transaction was paid a staggering IDR 25 Billion (nearly USD 2 Million).

Since this case involves foreign investment and high profile individuals like Tomy Sudikerta former Vice Governor of Bali, the impact of investment to Bali is already far reaching. Troubling based on information from investigators there are many more cases to come. say MunArief.

It will take a lot more than IDR 80 Billion to repair the damage to image Indonesia and of all those men and women who work in the Justice system, who are not part of the Sudikerta syndicate. We are waiting for all those good people to step up and say no to this corrupt mafia, says Pt Dreamland Bali.

Meanwhile investor confidence in Bali and the judicial system has plummeted.